Introduction to Endobiogeny

The Doctors Behind the Endobiogenic Concept
Christian Duraffourd MD and Jean-Claude Lapraz MD have been medical practitioners for over 30 years, including the eight years they served as oncobiologists in the Department of General Surgery and Oncology of a leading Paris hospital.

They developed a novel approach to medicine, Endobiogenics, which is based on a refined view of the endocrine (hormonal) system in its managing role over bodily functions. This approach addresses both the pathology and the patient, implementing global diagnostic techniques focussed on the root causes of the pathology and phytotherapeutic treatments which encourage and simulate the body to undertake its own recovery.

Borne out of a daily practice involving thousands of patients and a large spectrum of pathologies (including degenerative pathologies like cancer), the endobiogenic approach has yielded significant results from the use of medicinal plants and essential oils. Currently the majority of their patients are cancer sufferers, some of whom travel to Paris from all over the globe. In 1980 the two doctors founded the French Society for Phytotherapy and (Medical)Aromatherapy to promote this approach to medical doctors. Clinical training continues in Universities around the world in France, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Mexico and America. The British Endobiogenic Medicine Society was formed in the UK several years ago and a structured 3 year training course has been developed here as abroad. Rosalind is a founder member of the Committee of this Society.

This advanced use of plant extracts where the choices are based on correction of the underlying "terrain" is very different from trying to alleviate symptoms. Orthodox drugs are sometimes necessary for this purpose. The Endobiogenic model as with the Naturopathic one allows and expects the patient to take some responsibility for their health. The current medical model in our NHS system forces the GP to make a decision in 5 minutes about whether to prescribe a drug, do nothing or refer to a specialist. Granted our overworked GP's do not have the luxury of time but if time is needed to do a "proper job" then we can't change that requirement.

Patients with chronic conditions must expect to allow 6 months for changes to occur. Very often immediate improvement in symptoms occurs but one shouldn't expect a miracle after 4 weeks medicine and then give up. Feedback is essential for the practitioner to adjust prescriptions. Sometimes extra information becomes available from a patient that may mean other blood tests, perhaps relating to toxic environmental chemicals, should be persued. Certain chemicals and heavy metals act as hormone disruptors and this may be a cause of cancer or autoimmune disease in some instances.

Endobiogeny is a revolutionary system of medicine that understands health and illness based on two factors:

You as an individual, with a unique story to your life
The management of your body by your hormones and nervous system

Using a sophisticated, patent pending analysis of blood values, called the biology of functions, we can evaluate your current and future risk of various diseases such as:

Heart disease
Alzheimer's disease
Inflammatory diseases

The endobiogenic evaluation is perfect for those seeking to maintain good health, understand their risk of developing an illness in the future that runs in the family, as well as to treat a current illness.
Endobiogenic Healing Philosophy
The Endobiogenic approach is a process of adjusting the body's state of balance, finding and treating the true cause of disease, and stimulating your natural healing ability.
Health is not the absence of disease; it is a vibrant state of balance of body, mind and spirit
Most diseases in life, from Alzheimers to cancer, from chronic fatigue to chronic Lyme disease do not just appear over night. They are a slow process deterioration of your bodys natural balance of activity: good function - not so good function - poor function - disease

Don't wait until you have a disease to evaluate your body's health
The endobiogenic method is a revolutionary method of evaluating the functional state of your body. Developed in France by a group of medical doctors (primarily Dr Jean-Claude Lapraz and Dr Christian Duraffourd) over thirty years and 10,000 patients, the endobiogenic method looks at fundamental strengths and weaknesses of your body and is able to examine your present and future risk of certain disorders, such as cancer, chronic infections, heart disease and Alzheimers disease.

Is an endobiogenic evaluation is right for you?
It could be, if you experience the following feelings, or have the following health issues:
You don't feel well, but lab tests are normal
Your regular doctor has said there is no treatment for what ails you
Chronic low-grade infections: Fungal, viral, bacterial, spirochetes or parasites, such as Candida, Lyme, Babesia, Toxplasmosis, etc.
Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia
Cancer risk in the family
Heavy metal toxicity

If you are already being treated for these disorders but are not getting better, the endobiogenic method can help analyze the best treatment for your condition and support your current treatment plan.

Biology of Functions
How many times have you felt sick but your doctor told you that there was nothing wrong with you because your labs were normal?

When your doctor orders blood tests, these blood tests have two major problems:

1) It only shows you what is in the blood, not what is happening to your cells.
2) It does not evaluate the quality of your bodys function, only if you have a severe disease

The biology of functions is a revolution in understanding how the body works
Using simple lab tests but a sophisticated formula, it calculates how your body is FUNCTIONING in real time. It creates a snapshot of your body and asks How well is it functioning? instead of Is there a disease or not? This is the right question to ask because the human body is not a black and white, on and off system to either be healthy or sick. Everything in nature exists on a gradient, a subtle scale of function. Some things function well, others not so well. Therefore, the way we measure the body should reflect how the body is functioning in real life. Thus, the biology of functions can detect your risk of cancer, of Alzheimers disease, Parkinsons, heart disease, etc. today based on early and subtle signs of dysfunction.

The biology of functions can also help you deal with current imbalances in your body due to thyroid or immune system imbalances, adrenal fatigue, digestive problems, menopause, and other conditions.

The analysis is calculated by an algorithm and is interpreted by the doctor/practitioner who has received training with Dr Lapraz. Patients can also receive the benefit of a second analysis of their results and expert advice from one of the doctors trained in this. Dr Kamyar Hedayat MD is a doctor based in California and is board certified in critical care and paediatrics but now works in this field. He is very experienced and is will analyse the Biology of Functions for my patients for a fee. Patients with serious conditions are encouraged to utilise this valuable service. Two heads are better than one when they are singing from the same hymn sheet!

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